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Woman Spots Cops Doing Something Unusual, Her Photos Went Viral

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It’s refreshing to hear that cops have done something nice. Of course, so many of them are wonderful people and work to protect and serve, but lately, everything we read about them is generally bad or brutish behaviour.

This story however, is on the heart-warming side.

A young woman on her vacation in Pensacola, Florida saw a couple of cops, covered in sweat, doing an unusual thing. She took pictures, as anyone would today and posted them on Facebook. They went viral from there.

A boy got separated from his family and the cop was carrying him on his shoulders, trying to help him find his parents.

The little guy had gotten separated from his family, so they were helping him get reunited. The kid still had his green floaties as he bobbed up and down on the fully uniformed officer’s shoulders.

Jessica Barnes, the women who documented the occassion wrote:

“Notice both deputies in full uniform, and probably dying of sweat but relentless to find his family. Once back with his mom the deputies gave the boy his own sheriff badge, new sunglasses, and a beach ball for the day. Let’s share this post to show how awesome these guys are! Thank you officers – I won’t tell anyone you are actually angels cleverly disguised as sweaty police officers. Bless your slightly scuffed hearts.”

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