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How To Create The Coral & Gold Acrylic Nails


Doing your nails doesn’t always have to be about keeping it clean and simple. It’s fun to experiment sometimes, try bright colors and edgy designs. So, what do you think about a coral & gold bling ombre tutorial?

Tracy from TracyNailz is going to share with us the whole process and the best part about it is that if you watch carefully, you can do it at home. This tutorial is done with acrylic nails which are very trendy at the moment. Let’s get started:

1. Put on the tips, cut them to shape and with a nail fixer create the form you want.


2. After you apply nail primer, you can start adding the acrylic to the nails.


3. It’s time to pick the colors. She is going to use Flaming flair and Heute pink.


4. She decides to go with gold too.


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