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The correct way to contour for your face shape



For perfect makeup, every woman should know how to contour. We all have a different shape of the face and because of that, there can’t be only one contouring way. There is different contouring map for each face shape. But at the beginning let us explain that there can not be contouring without highlighting.

For contouring,  you have to use a matte powder, cream, or pencil  which is two shades darker than your natural skin tone.  You will apply this cosmetic product on the areas you will have to shade.

For the highlighting the areas of your face that naturally catch the light, you will have to use light concealer or highlighter which is two shades brighter than your skin.


You have diamond shaped face if your hairline is more narrow than your cheeks,  your chin is slightly pointed and face is longer than it is wide.  You have to contour below your cheekbones starting from your ears and ending in the middle of your cheeks.  Apply the highlighter in an upside-down triangle shape and along your brow bone under your eyes brighten them. As well and on the middle of your forehead and the chin.

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