The Correlation Between Your Sleeping Position And Your Health

Many would agree with the fact that the thing they look forward at the end of a long and tiring day is simply sleeping. Turning the lights off and crawling into the soft sheets of the bed. We all have different sleeping positions, some change them throughout the night while there are others, like myself, who wake up in the same position they fell asleep in.

Hey, also, did you know that according to the Guardian, if a person lives to the age of 75 years old, by then he would have spent 25 of those years just sleeping. Quite a lot.

But merely sleeping is not important, one should be careful even with the position the fall asleep in for it can be the cause of your back pain, snoring, and also the number of times you wake up at night. Sometimes your sleeping position can even tell a lot about your personality.

See below to find out how the most common sleeping positions affect your health:

The Belly: According to Healthine, sleeping on your belly can cause severe strain of the neck and the lower back. It may also mean that you tend to toss and turn in order to reach a comfortable position.


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On Your Back: Sleeping on your back can be the cause of lower back pain. In case you have sleep apnea or snore, this position can make it worse since your airways are narrower. If you want to maintain the curve of the spine simply put a pillow under your knees says Everyday Health.


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Soldier: WebMD says that 8% of the population likes this position. The position suggests that you tend to keep close to yourself since you sleep with your arms close to your side.

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Spooning: You tend to wake up often if you cuddle with your partner. According to Fox News, sleeping in this position can help the body release oxytocin, a thing that can help lower your stress.

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Sleeping On Your Side: In case you have snoring issues, sleep on your side. According to WebMB if you snore loudly, there are chances that you may have sleep apnea and you may be prone to high blood pressure and heart disease.

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Back Pain: WebMD says that back pain can be caused by sleeping on your side. If you want to help it, just put a pillow between the legs and this way you take the pressure off your hips and back.

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Pregnant Women: The American Pregnancy Association recommend that women who are pregnant should sleep on their left side so more blood and nutrients flow to the baby.

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Starfish: If you want to rest the spine and neck, this is the position you should go for. According to WebMD, this position helps reduce acid reflux because the head is elevated and the substances won’t be able to enter the esophagus from the stomach.

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