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You Should Always Buy These Items At Costco

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Honestly guys, Costco is the best. I just love going there even when I don’t have anything to buy, that’s how much I love it. Sometimes when I go there, I walk around just eating samples but that doesn’t make me a terrible person, right? Seriously now, you can’t beat the price. Comparing the price per ounce, Costco is the best place to buy these things. Behold below: The best deals you can find.

1. Kirkland pure maple syrup

The price for this is 32.5¢ per ounce and believe me it’s the best maple syrup ever.


Source: Instagram | @tadleyshomemadeicecream

2. Scoop Away cat litter

If you have to buy it, buy it in bulk. It’s  28.5¢ per ounce, and comparing to other stores you can save a lot of money.


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

3. McCormick taco seasoning

Buy your taco seasoning at Costco if you love making tacos. You can buy it for 50% less than at other supermarkets.


Source: Saving Money In Your Twenties

4. Kirkland applesauce squeezes

Kids love these and you can buy the best bang for your buck here because they’re 32.5¢ per pouch. Yay!


Source: Costco Couple

5. Nutella

Nutella heaven. It is cheaper than anywhere else.


Source: Chubby Mommy

6. Stretch Island fruit strips

Some kids just love dried out fruit flattened into chewy strips. It’s 22¢ each and if you go to Wal-Mart you’ll be looking at 44¢ a strip.


Source: Costco Couple

7. Kirkland canola oil cooking spray

Get your cooking spray that will last for a year. The Costco price is 14.7¢ per ounce, and they come in a two-pack.


Source: CostcoChaser

8. Red Star active dry yeast

If by any chance, you need yeast, you can find the best price at Costco.


Source: CostcoChaser

9. Kirkland pure vanilla extract

Oh my God, this is the cheapest vanilla extract on the planet.


Source: Reluctant No Sugar Vegan

10. Pacon construction paper

The cheapest construction paper is right here. Kids love their arts and crafts.


Source: The Costco Connoisseur

11. Earthbound Farms organic spinach

Even the organic spinach is pretty cheap. You can also buy three pounds for the price of one pound at Walmart. Crazy, eh? And it look SO good.


Source: Mountain Mama Cooks

12. Kirkland cheese

For all you cheese lovers out there, no more empty pockets because of your obsession.


Source: 365 Days Of Slow Cooking

13. Rotisserie chicken

The chicken costs $4.99 and it’s one pound heavier than other markets. Save your dollar for more chicken.



14. Half-sheet cakes

If you never tried their half-sheet cake, it’s time to do that.



15. Frigo string cheese

String cheese is very expensive but you can wait for a 12-pack to be on sale or just buy it at Costco.


Source: Pinterest | Costco 

16. Lastly, hot dogs. You never leave Costco without getting one.

The best for last. Where else could you get such infinite munchie pleasure for a $1.50?



Tell us your Costco favs too!


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