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Costco Have Started Selling Huge Cheeseburgers And People Are In Love With Them


Costco was the first company that brought the idea of a warehouse club that is also a retail store, where you can buy great quantities of products at low prices. The company transformed the idea into the biggest retail chains in the US. The first warehouse by the company was opened in Seattle, 1983. Costco today has expanded so successfully, that it has a total of 720 locations across the world, from the US to Iceland and South Korea. It has recently surprised its fans with a new member in the food court – a huge cheeseburger that will make you hungry just by looking at it on a picture!


The chain sold more than 82 million hot dogs in its food courts in 2008. Also, you actually don’t need a membership to buy anything in the food court, as long as you’ve got some cash. You can make the grabbing one of their famous $1.50 hot dog and drink combos your daily ritual. But there is another thing that will make you stop at Costco even more often.

It turns out that Costco have a new product hitting food courts: a 1/3 lb cheeseburger. This giant burger is currently only being offered in some locations, and they vary from place to place. In each location, there are small changes to their preparation and the calorie count.

You can buy one for $4.99 now, and you can find it in Colorado, North Carolina, Southern California, Washington and Georgia, at least for now.


According to Food Beast, it’s an “organic beef patty, topped with romaine lettuce, smoked Thousand Island dressing, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese”. It also includes Chicago-buns. This sounds super delicious to me! It has been reported that this is a product that is being tested across various places before it goes nationwide. A spokesperson also stated burgers are served five locations in California, which includes Corona, Pacoima, Livermore, Folsom, and Lakewood.

According to a person on Reddit, the company tried this out a year ago with ciabatta bread. However, the new version seems to be more successful.


The meat is organic, as the company has ambitions to bring more organic farming to the US. They aim to work directly with organic farmers to help them buy the equipment necessary to increase their output. One Costco employee explained that Costco would be offering the new 1/3 lb Cheeseburger in additional locations by March 2018. That’s good news, folks!


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