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As It Turns Out, It’s Not A Good Idea To Buy Counterfeit Makeup


As much as we love makeup and like to buy millions of kits every 15 seconds, there’s no denying that, depending on the brand and quantity at least, makeup can be a really expensive habit to fund. So, you may be thinking that the simple solution would be to search eBay for a Kylie Lip Kit, find one for $4, buy it and be off!

Not quite.


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You see, people who were suckered in to buying the counterfeit products have been sharing some problems that they’ve had online.


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People have reported skin burns and eye infections, and sometimes even more serious, permanent stuff like high blood pressure. And this is just counterfeit makeup! You think it wouldn’t be so bad…


For example, a Twitter user bought a fake Kylie Lip Kit online and found out later that it contained glue… the hard way.

As you can see here, her lips were sticking together after she applied it:


Source: Twitter | @emmamorg3

Meanwhile Jasmine here also bought the same thing but hers contained gasoline!


Source: Twitter | @JasmineGlen

All of these fake products are manufactured, as you’d expect, in China, and they contain other harmful stuff too.

From mercury to… horse urine. Yes, no joke.


On what the factory conditions are like, well…

“If you took the most disgusting frat house bathroom, it looks like a surgical suite compared to these conditions. It’s filthy, there’s bacteria everywhere… it’s disgusting,” says Gregg Marrazzo, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel of the Estée Lauder Companies.


As if the disgusting “additions” weren’t enough, there’s also bacteria everywhere!


The counterfeit makeup product item scandal is so serious that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a warning to the public about these products, warning people of the various toxins.


Another girl was suckered into buying a Ben Nye product that made her skin feel like”shards of glass were tearing through her fragile undereye skin.”


Source: YouTube | Makeup Haven

Makeup YouTuber Sarah Tanya did a comparison of a real Kylie Jenner Kyshadow Kit and a fake one she found online, and she got a pretty bad eye infection… only in the eye on which she applied the eyeshadow. Not cool…


Source: YouTube | iLuvette

And they’re still everywhere on the gray market!

From eBay private sellers to various street vendors and markets.


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Keep your eye out for coutnerfeit products next time. Don’t risk buying something that could damage your health pretty seriously. Just stick to the real thing.


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Just for reference

This is a real Hoola bronzing powder next to a fake one. The real one is one the left.


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So, if you don’t want to rub your face with mercury, gasoline and horse pee, stay away from counterfeit makeup. It’s for your own good.

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