A Couple Adopts, Extended Family Doesn't Get The Memo In Time

A Couple Adopts, Extended Family Doesn’t Get The Memo In Time


Amber and Justin Van Slyke have been a couple for more than nine years. Adoption has always been a topic they were quite passionate about since they were both adopted when they were little.

They have two biological children together, a seven-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son. Due to former medical history of pregnancy complications, she was advised off of having any more children on her own.

However, this was quite the predicament for Amber and Justin since they knew they wanted to enlarge their family. They had a talk and decided that it was just right and fitting that they would adopt this time around!

It was just recently that they received a word from the adopting agency on a healthy baby boy who was born in January 2017.
Baby Joel was quite the surprise for his mother since she literally hadn’t the slightest idea that she was pregnant!

She knew that she was unable to emotionally and physically provide for the child so she decided she was to give him for adoption.

This is when the Van Slykes were given the opportunity to adopt Joel. A decision was to be made right away!

The procedure happened so out of the blue and so fast that they literally had no time of letting their extended family know of the adoption.


“After being told by doctors having another child on our own would be too risky, we decided that a surprise would be the best way to announce that Joel had arrived into our family!” Amber wrote on YouTube.

“Because this blessing came unexpectedly, we didn’t have time to plan or save the full amount to cover the adoption expenses, but we are giving it all that we have,” Amber said.

The clip below shows us the reactions of the family when they were invited to dinner to meet baby Joel.

You can see that his siblings are already very accepting of him. They look at him endearingly and are happy that he is there.

Check the reactions of the rest of the family!


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