Couple Bewildered To Hear Animal Cries Coming From Their Walls

Couple Bewildered To Hear Animal Cries Coming From Their Walls

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Imagine sitting in the comfort of your own home and suddenly hearing animal cries. Now imagine hearing that happening for three days straight.

This couple was listening to a strange cry coming from the outside for three days, to later realize that it wasn’t actually outside from where the cries were coming from.

It was from within their walls.

When they decided that they’ve had it, and set to investigate the things a little further, they drilled a hole through their wall to find a gray kitten.

They were following closely for the cries in order to find out where to start drilling. As soon as they made the whole, it was revealed that a gray, helpless kitty was dwelling the insides of their walls.

The kitty looks too scared to move. OR maybe his hands are hurt, but you can see from the video that he needs a lot of time to somehow come to the hands of the couple.

The strategy that they have come up with is to lure the kitty inside a yellow bag, which will enable them to get it out of there.

This is exactly how the video starts.

We see a bird’s-eye view as the opening shot. It seems as the camera is at least half a meter away from where the kitten is.

animal 1

The couple is talking in Spanish between them:” It is quite high….”says the female voice to the male voice commenting on the difference between the camera and where the kitty is.

They are trying to get the kitty to enter the bag by making clinking sounds with a piece of metal from above.

The animal seems scared and confused.

Halfway through the video, just as we think that it managed its way in the bag, it changes its mind and pulls away. It really has no idea what it’s doing. However, there is still a chance….

It goes for another try!

animal 2

“Come on, come on, come on….!!!”

The cat managed to get in the bag! The male voice gets absolutely excited as they give their best to get the cat out from there!

The camera pulls back and then we see another shot of the girl holding the yellow bag, with the kitty inside!

animal 3

“Oh my god, look at it….poor little thing” says the girl! The cat is safe!



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