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This Couple Died Minutes Apart, What Happened Next Brought Me To Tears



Today we are going to share a very interesting story with you. It is the definition of  “’till death do us part.” Exactly after 63 years of loving marriage, Henry and Jeanette De Lange passed away only minutes after each other at ages 86 and 87. Jeanette was battling Alzheimer for several years and was admitted to a local nursing home  in 2011. Her husband, struggled with prostate cancer months before his death. He was so kind, he visited her multiple times a day in the nursing home.  In July 31st, 2016 the couple were not feeling well, so they had to go to the hospital soon as they could.

Henry was told  that there was nothing more they could do to treat the rapidly growing prostate cancer. He requested they put him in the nursing home, next to his wife and they were polite enough to do that. They were happily reunited.

The doctor said your dad’s pulse is worse. I wonder if he’ll go first,” Lee explained to KSFY. “About five minutes later, the aide said I think your mom will go very soon. It was 5:05 p.m. at that point.” Something very strange was happening.

Two sons, read her favorite psalm, they couldn’t finish it because she’d already passed away. They went to the other room, to tell his father that his wife had “gone to heaven”.


His dad opened his eyes for the first time in hours, looked at his wife and then after 2o minutes, Henry passed away. Minutes after Jeanette. About 25 minutes later, Lee happened to turn around and look at the clock on the nursing home wall – it said 5:30. Thinking that was strange, Lee checked his watch; it was actually five to six. The clock had frozen at the exact time his father had passed away, 25 minutes previously.

This is something that the De Lange family just has not been able to explain – and, truly, it is an extraordinary ending to an already tear-jerking story. True love.

Source:San Francisco Globe, tiphero

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