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Couple Made A ‘Face Swap’ Halloween Costume And People Are Loving It

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Couples are having a hard time deciding on a couples Haloween costume. Sometimes, they have fun during the process, but most of the times they are stressed out. You thought you have seen it all – from ‘coffee cup and its lid” to ‘Dumb and Dumber‘, but there was one couple that went beyond our expectations with their Halloween costume. Nikki and her husband decided for a face swap this Halloween and their costume is beyond amazing!

Doing Halloween couples costumes is so much fun, especially if you have a unique way of thinking, like these Reddit users. They decided to take the idea from the ‘swap face’ feature on Snapchat and people were amazed.


Reddit user NikkiGun shared a before and after photo of her and her husband. They featured their normal vs. bloody state of their faces. In the picture, both of their faces can be seen surrounded by a ring of blood. Using makeup, they switched their faces inside the blood ring, and they look adorably creepy!

When you think about it, it is also a bit of a throwback to the Nicholas Cage and John Travolta action thriller Face Off. The husband has had his eyebrows groomed, shaved part of his beard and added a bit of lip gloss and eyeliner to complete his look. The wife, on the other hand, has her husband’s beard and eyebrows.

Not all Reddit users were so thrilled, though.

One person wrote: “You just wanted an excuse to do his eyebrows.”

Another said: “I didn’t realise it until this comment. I thought they did the blood in actual makeup and then did a face swap. This is so much more impressive now.”

A third funny commenter said: “Holy hell it took me quite a lot of staring to figure out what was actually happening, bravo, but what’s it like being married to yourself?”


Apparently, it took them more than an hour and a half to finish each person’s makeup. Many users commented about how attractive Nikki’s husband is as a woman. Nikki had a lot of fun reading the comments and gave lots of credits t her husband for sticking together with her.

Would you try this Halloween costume idea, too?

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