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Trolling And Body-Shaming? This Gorgeous Couple Won’t Have It!


What you’re about to see is an amazing couple, dressed perfectly for the prom, and what seems to be the best dress we’ll see all year.

Tre and Madison are madly in love and decided to match outfits for their prom. As expected in our day and age, they posted photos of themselves on social media, and as expected in our day and age, they received reactions.

40,000 of them.

People fell so in love with the photos, kudos and heart emojis flew in from all over the world, and Madison certainly didn’t expect the reaction. She just said she picked out a dress “she felt great in”. However (and this could be expected), trolls and body-shamers came along, with one of them rudely commenting “Wow, he loves you even though you’re fat.”

What? No.

Madison went full awesome and called out the troll, saying  “Don’t see how people can be rude to people they don’t even know,” starting another avalanche of positive comments and mountains of happy, supportive and blown-away emojis.

In a statement for, the pretty in pink said that she felt amazing in the dress, and that’s all that matters.

She said: ‘I posted pictures of Tre and I just like everyone else does for prom not even thinking it was going to get any type of attention.’

‘I was hurt with the nasty comments because growing up I’ve always struggled with my weight and feeling like I was judged by others.
But with this I’ve tried to keep a positive mindset about everything. I don’t have any type of animosity towards anyone who said negative things to Tre and I. Those people don’t deserve to get hate sent to them either.’

‘We just hope this teaches people that what they say online can personally impact someone’s life and just to be more loving with how they treat others.’

And we couldn’t agree more. What’s not to love about them, they’re such #goals!


Can you believe that color?



And just look at Tre’s response.



The couple has gone viral since


With thousands of people adoring them

People started loving Tre as well:

And supporting both Tre Booker for being a great boyfriend





And they just recently celebrated one year together. Good luck 😉

This is what we call relationship goals


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