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This Couple Got Married Even Though They Met On A Dating Website


An interesting topic that no one seems to mention in a serious conversation is dating websites. A dating website is basically a service that allows someone to find a person they otherwise don’t know, and then ultimately meet up with them and go out on a date. While most of these dating websites go fine, sometimes, crazy incidents can happen. If you’re going to go on a dating website crusade, we advise that you’re careful. But I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen a dating website story quite like this before.

This is the story of how Christy Befera got married to Frank Befera which happened after Frank paid Christy $100 to go out on a date with her.

The two met up on, and even though neither one of them expected to make it bigger, they both got married just two months after meeting.

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Christy, 42, and Frank Befera, 47, have tied the knot in an intimate beach ceremony in Florida after meeting when the groom paid £80 for a date.

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They were reluctant to get married at first as they were both divorcees, but they eventually decided that the knot should be tied.

A relaxed winter ceremony with a few friends and family was put in order.

Carer Christy, from Winter Garden, Florida, said: ‘We had the perfect day and we never could have imagined that this relationship would develop the way it did, but we’re really happy for them.

‘I am so glad I can share my life with someone like Frank.’

The relationship kicked off back in February of 2014, when Christy was single for 8 months and wanted to find someone new, which is why she went on the dating website to see if she could find a significant other.


Although Christy was also interested in finding a boyfriend, her main drive was finding someone that could pay her utility bills, as she was in quite big debt.

She stumbled across Frank’s profile and was charmed by his sparkling eyes and smile.

‘I wasn’t looking for anything in particular,’ she said. ‘I thought if I met someone awesome, it would be great, but if I didn’t, it would mean I could pay a few bills and have a few nice evenings. For me, it was a win-win situation.’


The couple married on the private Apollo beach with just a handful of family and friends present
Meanwhile, Frank had been single for about a year had joined a few months before when he heard about the site on a relationship radio show called Connections.
He noticed Christy’s profile crop up and was instantly attracted to her.
He put in an offer to take her out on a date, but never expected her to accept.
‘She was beautiful and I thought she was out of my league, but it was worth a shot,’ Frank said.
Luckily, Christy also felt and they settled on $100 (£80).


After chatting online for a few months, the pair met for the first time in April 2014 at a restaurant in Winter Garden, Florida, where they enjoyed a meal and a few drinks.

Frank explained: ‘I didn’t mention the money until the end, as I didn’t want her to get the money, decide she didn’t like me and leave. It gave me a chance to charm her.’


The two fell in love after just two months of dating

‘It was an awesome night,’ she said. ‘We talked for hours and just really got on. He had me hooked from that point on. I didn’t tell him that, but I knew he did.’

When Frank went away on business for a month, Christy had two other dates earning $100 (£80) for each one but her evening with him was always at the back of her mind.

‘None of my other dates compared to Frank,’ Christy said.

When he returned, they decided to have another date which made them realize there was a real connection.


In June 2014 Christy told Frank she was in love with him and they made their relationship official.

‘We were a bit older, so we didn’t want to rush anything, but we felt very comfortable with each other quite quickly.’ said Christy

Frank added: ‘Both of us had been in hard relationships before and both of us needed to work through a few issues with that. We took it slow, but once I got to know her, I decided I wanted to escalate the relationship.’


Frank quickly introduced Christy to his family, and they were never scared to tell the people how they met/

‘We love telling the story of how we met,’ Frank said. ‘We tell it to everybody. We do get some funny looks.
‘We came across another couple on Saturday night, who met on another site called OkCupid. When we told them where we met, they thought it was a joke.’


Frank said: ‘We had both said we didn’t want to get married again, because both our marriages had ended badly.
‘I just realised that she was everything that I wanted and needed for the rest of my life.
‘We were at Disney World on New Year’s Eve and I just decided it was the perfect moment to ask, so I got down on one knee with a ring.’


These two unlikely lovebirds wed on 31 March, 2017.
She added: ‘I think I knew it was coming but I was really surprised that he asked at that moment. I was totally floored.’
And just a few weeks ago, on March 31 2017, Christy married Frank as seven friends and family looked on, in an intimate ceremony on Apollo beach in Florida.
‘It’s a beautiful private beach and we have been going there for years. We love going there and we decided it would be the perfect place.’


‘It was such a beautiful day from start to finish. The only problem was the sunburn that I got on the top of my head.’
Christy added: ‘It was a dream come true. It was like a fairy tale.’
Now the couple are hoping they can add to their family. ‘I don’t have any kids, but I would love to give Frank a son. We will have to see what happens.’ Christy said.

We wish this unlikely couple all the best!


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