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This Dog Just Crashed A Wedding And The Couple’s Reaction Is Priceless


Usually, when someone crashes a wedding, it’s usually a bitter ex, an estranged family member or just some stranger trying to score some free booze. However, this Brazilian couple had an uninvited four-legged furry guest on their big day. Marilia and Matheus Pieroni were just starting their wedding ceremony in the city of Sao Paulo recently, when instead of the bride, a dog that had just wandered in from the storm raging outside, made his way down to the aisle. It was taken away soon as the couple entered but when they started to read their vows, it returned. When the dog laid down right at Marilia’s veil, she decided that the puppy should be welcomed as their official guest.

“It was a very pleasant surprise for me because I love animals,” Marília told The Dodo.

As the night wound down, the newlyweds searched for the dog but it had crept away unnoticed just as it appeared. They searched for their guest for weeks until they finally got some answers. Scroll down through the photo gallery compiled by Bored Panda to see what happened next.


A rainstorm broke out on Marilia and Matheus’ wedding day, so the ceremony took place under a tent


Everything was going as planned until the couple started saying their vows


When the bride looked down, she saw an unexpected guest. A dog had come in and laid down her veil.


While most women would freak out, animal-loving Marilia was thrilled


The wedding crasher turned out to be a dog who came in to escape the rain


When the couple decided to bring the puppy home at the end of the night, it was nowhere to be found


After a week of searching all over the city, the couple finally got lucky


They found the guest from their wedding day


The pair named him Snoop and now he is a part of their happy family


“…I showered him,” Marília told The Dodo. “He is very happy and slept super good the first night”


“We’re all very happy”


Looks like Snoop found the perfect home



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