Couple To Be Married Gets A New Addition To Their Family

Couple To Be Married Gets A New Addition To Their Family


This soon to be married couple gets a new addition to their family on their wedding day. They’ve welcomed a new pup in their lives. And that’s like their child in a way.

It also needs cuddles and smooches, long walks in the parks and spending a lot of quality time together with its parents!

Lane and Kim already had a baby, and that was the Australian shepherd that Lane found one day at a local gas station. Since it was a stray dog, he decided to take him home to a loving and caring surrounding.

Now, the day has come at which Lane and Kim are going to enter in holy matrimony. However, their beautiful furry friend will not attend the wedding.

The Australian shepherd had passed away two years before the day of the wedding.

Now, we see Kim sitting down on the floor in her living room in a flowery dress, hugging a tail wagging dog!

Lane decided to once again introduce happiness in their life by buying her another beautiful pup! Kim is all shook up, crying tears of joy while sitting on the floor. There is also a letter included from her husband-to-be.

In it he is writing as the dog. It says that it loves its future mommy very much and can’t wait for them all to move into together and share their lives forever more as a family.

family 1

Her bridesmaids are all sitting around her in circles.

“Oh, my god, she’s so cute!” she exclaims.

family 2

There is another letter as well. This time, Lane is speaking for himself.

“I can’t wait to see you today in your dress. You are the most striking woman I’ve ever known…”

I am so loving this new trend of grooms gifting puppies to their new brides, I wanna get married now.


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