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After Dramatic Weight Loss, Couple Have “Second Wedding”


There is absolutely nothing like an inspiring weight loss success story. And believe me when I say, you are going to melt after this one. One couple from Scotland weren’t too keen on the wedding picture which shows the pair before they went through a dramatic weight loss transformation. So they decided to have a second wedding in order to get the shots they wanted the first time.

The downside was that 34-year-old Janice and William Robertson, 36 had to fork out for another dress and kilt since they are unrecognizable now.



Janice and William on their first wedding day. Credit: SWNS

The pair’s health and fitness campaign that led to the weight loss came due to health concerns when William was diagnosed with diabetes. It wasn’t happy news for them so they knew they had to do something. They gave up junk food and changed their lifestyle.

“We knew we were both overweight but we were so in love that neither of us cared,” Janice told the Daily Mail.

“We are best friends and we do everything together. We both decided to lose weight. It was so much better because it became a bit of a competition.


Credit: SWNS

“We were looking through our old wedding photographs and William said we had to get married again, now that we had lost all of the weight.

“I was unsure at first because my late father was at our first wedding but after speaking to my family they convinced me that he would be really proud.”

Janice and William then renewed their vows in front of friends and family.


Credit: SWNS

“It was the most amazing day,” said Janice.

“When we first got married, it wasn’t enjoyable. I was a size 22 and none of the dresses fitted me. I was sad about how I looked in them.

“But when I went dress shopping for the second time it was amazing.

“I was trying on size 12 dresses and I could practically try on every dress in the store. When I saw myself I burst into tears.

“William looked like a totally different man. He was wearing almost the same suit but the man was completely different.”


Credit: SWNS

Janice’s mother, Pauline Tennent, was overwhelmed with pride for her daughter and son-in-law.

She said: “Their original wedding was very small and Janice was very uncomfortable with her size.

“She has lost seven stone and William lost just over seven-and-a-half.

“It has totally changed them and Janice was able to have the wedding dress she always wanted and never had.”

She added: “It was a fantastic day. The weather didn’t bother us. It was emotional and I could still cry. I am so proud of them.”

Words: Paddy Maddison
Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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