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28 Couples Expecting A Child That Went A Little Bit Too Far

28 Couples Expecting A Child That Went A Little Bit Too Far

Let’s admit one thing; falling pregnant is one of the most important periods of a couple’s life, should they decide to go down that path. Some couples like to keep it private, while others share as much of it as they can on social media, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, there are some who take it to the next level, and the results are just… strange, to put it simply.

Here’s a gallery of couples expecting a baby that went way too far.

1. A cake that looks like trotters?

No thank you!

 When they commissioned this cake featuring a fetus swimming in a gelatinous blob

Source: Mom.Me

2. The labor period looks like a famous Indiana Jones scene

They should sign up for a competition!

When the labor period became a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Source: Reddit | killpineapple

3. Serving finger food in the form of fondant infants

Why would you ever do this?

When they served finger food in the form of fondant infants

Source: Kidspot

4. Someone is going to call child support soon enough

When their before-and-after maternity photos literally scarred the internet for life

Source: My Truth and Your View

5. A rerun of Thundercats?

When their maternity shoot looked like the dress rehearsal for Cats

Source: Imgur | CompleteBalance

6. This gender reveal took place in the fires of Mordor

When the gender reveal took place in the fires of Mordor

Source: Imgur | TheCaptainSteve

7. Maternity photoshoots have reached a new level

 When not even goats could escape from the expectation of maternity photos

Source: Reddit | becca723

8. This cake is making me uncomfortable

When the cake got way too real for comfort

Source: Sarcastic Sarcasms

9. Is that really how you see the two genders?


Source: Twitter | @milkandcooki_

10. I sincerely hope these Oreos were never actually put on sale…

I mean, we’ve seen cakes, tire smoke, fires of Mordor and now this? Don’t know what you think but we seem to be going lower and lower.

 When someone pitched this idea to Oreo

Source: Twitter | @newstevens

11. An edible diaper

Soil included!

When someone took the liberty of creating an edible soiled diaper

Source: Cake Wrecks

12. A fish was used to reveal the gender

Source: Storyful Rights Management

13. Why would you ruin a pizza with olives?

I mean, it’s not as bad as pineapples, but why?

When a perfectly good pizza was ruined with black olives

Source: Twitter | Meyer_J12

14. This couple switched up the roles

And this guy took up the place of the maternity photoshoot. Bra included!

When this couple switched up the gender roles...okay, you got me, I like this one...

Source: Reddit | AppleJuiceCookies

15. I don’t understand what’s going on here…

But I don’t like it.

When they...no, sorry, I don't even know what's happening in this one

Source: Imgur | CompleteBalance

16. That’s a nice fruit punch presentation…


When someone thought it was a good idea to carve an infant's head out of cantaloupe

Source: Reddit | Court9782

17. This looks like a horror movie reject

When we were given this very realistic representation of childbirth in fondant form

Source: Sarcastic Sarcasms

18. WHAT is that?

When they presented us with this very terrible creation

Source: Best Image FEyfjord

19. I would have gotten a heart attack if I was this husband!

When this soon-to-be-mom, decided to give her husband a little scare

Source: Reddit | iiiicpdiiii

20. It seems like everyone is adding googly eyes to everything today

When this pregnant couple got really into arts and crafts

Source: Reddit | RepostFromAYearAgo

21. Halloween heebie-jeebies have found a new purpose

When this expecting mother took Halloween heebie-jeebies to a whole other level

Source: Reddit | digitalgirlie

22. Poor guy

I’d feel down if I had to dress like that if I lost any kind of bet.

When this couple placed some high-stakes bets

Source: Reddit | the_great_tate

23. This couple used Hershey’s and Hershey’s for their baby’s gender reveal

I mean, it’s easier than a cake, and Hershey’s is amazing, but just a little bit… odd.

 When this couple did a gender reveal party using Hershey's and Hershey's

Source: Reddit | PickleKicka

24. Just giving me some food for thought here…

Or should that be, drink for thought…

When this baby shower took a disturbing turn

Source: Reddit | muzzflum

25. This future dad had to add major insult to injury

When this future dad had to add major insult to injury

Source: Reddit | robin60062

26. This couple used a cake and muffins to illustrate the conceiving of their child

I have a million different questions about this and most of them start with the word “Why”.

When this couple illustrated their child's conception with buttercream icing sperms

Source: Reddit | lucyinthesky22

27. I don’t even know what’s going on here…

Frankly, I don’t even want to.

When this happened...and none of us were never the same again

Source: Bored Bug

28. I don’t wanna!

When this little girl expressed how we all feel about pregnancy announcements

Source: Reddit | iflew
From: diply

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