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17 Couples That Are The Best Examples Of Marrying Your Best Friend


One of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make in your life is who you want to keep. In other words, will you marry your loved one or what? In order for it to be a decision that you won’t regret after time has passed, you can do one simple thing: marry someone who’s your best friend.

Here’s a gallery of people that did just that, and they’re definitely happy about that.

1. Gun lovers

 The force is strong with these two.

Source: Reddit | Frymanstbf

2. Couples who game together stay together

That’s a statement you all should live by.

Couples who game together stay together

Source: Twitter | @kiaralol98

3. Merging closets

After being together for quite a while, there was no other choice.

When you're so into each you become one person.

Source: Reddit | hailmarythatails

4. This guy knows what his girl wants

 Some pizza for your passed out princess.

Source: Twitter | @Mrothyy

5. So much win in one picture

Beauty and the Beast? Pizza? And lounging in your favorite PJs and socks? This is relationships goals right here.

So much win in one picture.

Source: Twitter | @Lasheemaa

6. This will be fun in certain situations…

Acing the test of time.

Source: Reddit | D5R

7. Every day is Taco Tuesday!

True love is unexpected tacos

Source: Twitter | @shay_bae_bae

8. That photo looks a bit recent to be compared to the one on the right

But that’s amazing!

 Who says high school relationships can't last?

Source: Instagram | @krushadvice

9. Your weirdness is what strengthens your bond

Marry someone who's as weird as you are.

Source: Twitter | @vvexedd

10. Listen to this pro tip

When you embrace each other's inner child.

Source: Instagram | @_theblessedone

11. Not bad for spicing up an engagement photo

She asked him to spice up their engagement photos.

Source: Reddit | thexyzaffair

12. They only have one cat and yet they choose cat of the month

In this family, the wife chooses a cat of the month.

Source: Reddit | eisenh0wer

13. A super cute gift for each other

 This super cute couple got each other the same gift for their second anniversary.

Source: Reddit | myworkaccountatwork

14. He’s just being honest about it

At least he's stepping up to take responsibility!

Source: Reddit | robin60062

15. Look, it’s coach!

She's so grateful, she doesn't even mind.

Source: Reddit | armiesofants

16. I hope this girl can take a joke

If not, this guy is in some trouble.

 I sure hope she can take a joke!

Source: Reddit | surfkaboom

17. Even if you didn’t marry your best friend right off the bat, they can learn.

Even if you didn't marry your best friend right off the bat, they can learn.

Source: Reddit | gabew101
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