Courteney Cox’s Daughter Is 13 And Already Following In Her Mom’s Footsteps

Can you believe that Monika from your favorite comedy show Friends is 53 years old? It’s been more than two decades since the show released its first episode. In it, we saw the perfectionist Monica Geller making everyone a bit anxious. Nowadays, the actress has a beautiful 13-year-old daughter named Coco Arquette, who is certainly following in her mother’s footsteps.


Friends star Courteney Cox and producer David Arquette who were married for 14 years welcomed Coco in 2004. While we’ve rarely seen her while she was younger, she is now becoming well-known, not only as a child of famous parents.


Although Cox and Arquette divorced in May 2012, they remained friends and co-parents to Coco


It seems like they have inspired her to follow in their footsteps


During the last few years, Coco has slowly embraced the spotlight, attending special events and film premieres. In 2015, she was even wearing high heels at the premiere of her mom’s directorial debut, Just Before I Go.


Recently, the beautiful teenager starred in two music videos. Fans of Courteney were reminded of her performance in Bruce Springsteen’s video for his 1984 hit Dancing in the Dark which catapulted the actress to stardom.


In 2016, when she was only 12, Coco made her on-screen debut in a music video for the Irish singer Foy Vance. The song was titled ‘Coco’ and was inspired by the young girl and her personality. The video was also directed by her mother.


“From the first time Foy played ‘Coco’ for me — and every time I’ve heard it since — I’ve felt he captured, not only Coco’s unique personality but also the beautiful childhood innocence that sadly, but inevitably, fades with time,” Cox told People.

Source: Foy Vance

After a year, Coco also appeared in a second music video for Monogem’s ‘Wild’. Coco’s dad was absolutely proud of her and he shared an Instagram post about it.

Courteney explained during an interview that Coco could be a singer if she wants to, too.

“She’s a really good singer,” the Alabama-born actress said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I don’t know where she got it.”


Coco is still keeping it low-key, though. She doesn’t even have public social media accounts yet, so her parents are sharing photos of her.

In a recent photo shared on Twitter by David Arquette, Coco is half-smiling at the camera in a restaurant. He captioned the photo: “My Angel.”

People were fast to comment on how fast she grew into a beautiful teenage girl

Time does fly!

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