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Kim Thai’s Cranberry Makeup Look Tutorial


I’m sure that at least one of you reading this right now has eaten a cranberry at some point in your life.

Cranberries, although very bitter, are still very healthy to eat, and even though you might be skeptical about eating the dried and sweetened variety, it’s actually not a bad alternative to those massive bags of chips you probably scoff down in the afternoon.

Cranberries are also characterized with their very vibrant dark red color, which makes them stand out. Even though they can look similar to cherries in this respect, their red color definitely sets them apart.

And, the cranberry red color can make a very good theme color for a makeup look, as Kim Thai proves in this video


Kim Thai has decided to execute a very good makeup look using cranberry as the primary theme color.

The video is a whopping 17 minutes long, and since we know that you probably have other plans today and don’t just want to sit here and watch a long tutorial, allow us to dumb it down for you.

The party begins with the moisturizer


Kim kicks things off with the face moisturizer, and then moves on to the primer. Then, a little bit of spray is applied, before she moves on to the foundation. Finally, it’s rounded off with the powder.

Next up, it’s the eyes


The theme with the shadow is obviously cranberry, but she also proceeds by applying just a little bit of highlighter on the corners of the eyes, and a good pair of like-holy-cow-they-are-long lashes.

And finally, it’s the mouth’s turn


When it comes to the mouth, I don’t think I need to say what shade of lipstick of used.

And the makeup look is rounded off there, and boy does it look good. It’s definitely worth a try when you attend the next big event, especially if you’re wearing a dress in this shade of red.

Check out how to achieve the look below:

Source:Kim Thai

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