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These Are Some Of The Craziest Nail Designs Of 2017


When it comes to nail art the mad ideas never seem to stop. Are you a faithful fan of different, unique and crazy nail designs? If the answers is yes, you probably think you have seen it all. Believe me when I say you haven’t. This list, made by Diply, contains the craziest nail designs seen through 2017. Sure, there are some cute, inventive and really unique designs, but some of them are simply strange and unusual.

1. Makeup-ception

Apparently, the nail itself and the nail polish are not enough nowadays. This 3-D design has brought the makeup obsession to a whole new level.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

If that wasn’t enough here is another set of 3-D Huda Beauty nails.

They look so cool though. But, the important question is; how would you manage to apply your make up with these?

Instagram | @nail_sunny

2. Unicorn horn nails

These are pretty majestic, aren’t they? All unicorn lovers, you are challenged to try these holographic and blinged-out unicorn nails.

Instagram | @sixela_

3. Light-up Jack-O-lantern nails

It’s a fact that Halloween was an inspiration to many artists. You have probably seen many designs inspired by this holiday but nothing like this one. How about you go around with a small nail Halloweeny pumpkin light? Pretty unique, right?

Instagram | @nail_sunny

4. Succulent nails

As mentioned before, nail polish is completely useless. Especially in this case. Sure, they are incredibly cute in their own weird way. Not really practical in real life though.

Instagram | @arozona

5. Unicorn Frappucino nails

After the release of the Unicorn Frappuccino, this one was pretty much inevitable. These Starbucks, crazy-colored Frappuccino nails are perfect for all coffee addicts.

Instagram | @thenailhub

6. Animal bone nails

What haven’t we seen on a nail? Well, bones. Not human’s bones don’t worry. But, what can you do when your friend gives you naturally sourced mouse and vole bones? You decide to use them on your nails of course!

Instagram | @asabree

7. Hair nail art

But, why? This is the creepiest design no doubt. Imagine holding a fork and eating with these. Just no!

Instagram | @designdain

8. Fuzzy nails

These fuzzy nails were last year’s thing. This year people are wearing them IRL. Not the craziest nails but still pretty fashionable.

Instagram | @piontkowaa

9. Vampire fang nails

But, how do you function at all with nails so long? Considering that the length was just for the picture to be more impressive, they are pretty dope. You can adjust them and reform them and still pull off the design

Instagram | @darkartistriesInstagram | @clawedbybennie

10. IT Nails

They probably loved the movie so they decided to wear IT-inspired nails. From an art point of view, these are impeccable. However, seeing my nails like these all day and having IT staring at me, nope. I’m sure Pennywise would appreciate them though!

Instagram |

11. Bubble nails

Probably these would come off pretty fast. Maybe they look cute, but also the nails look like they are swollen.

Instagram | @dmanail

12. Sculpture nails

If wearing jewelry on every part of your body is not enough, these are the ones for you. Spending a small fortune on nails probably is not a problem for Swarovski Crystals’ fans.

Instagram | @chrmdbysarah

13. Scorpion nails

Okay. We have the winner of the creepiest nails in history. That’s not a print of a scorpion. It’s a dead one! It gives me the creeps just looking, at the picture let alone carrying it on an acrylic nail. Pretty brave.

Instagram | @karathenailgoddess

14. Hurricane nails

Now that is a very creative design. One of a kind.

Instagram | @govnogti

15. Snow globe nails

Snowy and cute globe nails? Yes, acceptable for Christmas only. It will be even more impressive, if you could add small reindeer or snowmento those too.

Instagram | @nail.recipe
source: diply

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