23 Crazy Clothes That Will Make You Lose All Faith In Humanity


Fashion is weird. The clothes designers come up with never cease to surprise. And more often than not, it’s not in a pleasant way. But still, no matter how ridiculous they may look, some of them still end up on the shelves. Is the fact that they’re ugly the new feature that is supposed to attract shoppers? Who knows? And who knows what whoever invented these following articles of clothing was thinking…? This list, compiled by Providr, will not answer any of those questions, and it’s bound to raise many more.

1. You need a hand with those?

This bra will hold up your breasts. Literally.


2. Please Mister Postman

This shirt is actually a postage envelope. And it has its designer Vivienne Westwood’s address on it. Very convenient, as now you know exactly where to mail your customer (dis)satisfaction review.


Source: Vivienne Westwood

3. A hole in the space-time continuum

When the universe of Game of Thrones collided with the universe of High School Musical, this was the result.


Source: Black Milk

4. Two for the price of one

If you want to make it look as if you’re wearing denim underwear and jeans, this is the perfect match for you. Also, what about pockets? You can’t make jeans without pockets, no matter how ridiculous they are!


Source: Arizona Foothills Magazine

5. The cold shoulder jacket

What exactly is the point of a jacket that doesn’t keep you warm?


Source: Topshop

6. A fish out of water

You know that new Guillermo Del Toro movie The Shape of Water? You know who’s its biggest fan? Whoever created this monstrosity.


Source: Gucci

7. The best of both worlds

Sweatpants are cozy, garters are sexy. How about combining the two and getting pants that are neither? Genius! This is actually part of Rihanna’s collection for Puma.


Source: Puma

8. Give the designer the boot!

So you know those fishnet tights? How about we make fishnet boots? But, wait, wait, wait! Not just regular boot-shaped boots; that’s boring! We’ll make them a weird shape to make people’s legs seem deformed! Brilliant!


Source: ElhnsBeluj

9. The Shants (shorts/pants)

Don’t you sometimes wish you could detach the legs of your trousers and wear them as shorts? No? Strange… Well, someone obviously does…


Source: Opening Ceremony

10. Spooktacular!

Handy for all your ghost-communicating needs: a portable Ouija board! It might make for an awkward conversation due to the placement of the letters, but it’s definitely worth getting groped to talk to someone from beyond the veil.


Source: Rebels Market

11. Besmirching the name ‘biker’

This is a biker jacket, apparently. Not only will you never see an actual biker in one of these, but it’s almost guaranteed to get you beat up after sporting it in front of one.


12. Red hot

When you walk so fast, your pants catch on fire.


Source: ASOS

13. Ruining people’s childhoods

Whoever thought of this design must’ve followed Yoda’s example here…


Source: The Higher Shop

14. Emphasizing your attributes

Women’s t-shirts are getting shorter and shorter all the time! What exactly is the point of a shirt that covers only your upper chest? Might as well go without it for all the good it does.


Source: Hela

15. Close encounters

When you get your girls sexy alien Halloween costumes.


Source: Pinterest

16. You asked for it

What are the stats of that shirt? +10 to ugly?


Source: I Love Smart Women

17. Inspired by Simon Cowell’s trademark high-waisted trousers

You don’t have to buy a T-shirt, if your trousers are high enough to cover all the important bits! Clever!


Source: Ssense

18. The mankini

For when you, as a woman, are envious of men’s luxuriously hairy bodies.


Source: Beloved

19. Pepe the Frog

Zara sold this amazing denim piece earlier this spring, but then pulled it when they noticed Pepe the Frog, an Internet hate symbol, decorating its front.


Source: Zara

20. Loud and clear

If you can’t be bothered using words to send away admirers at your local club, let your pants do the job instead.


Source: Beautiful Halo

21. Yes, there is. Take it off.

Designer Raf Simons described this shirt, part of his 2017 runway collection, as having a “politically-charged undertone.”


Source: Selfridges

22. Frankly speaking…

That may be the ugliest denim invention ever. And the competition for that title is pretty fierce.


Source: John Muggenborg

23. Is that a badly made Halloween costume?

That t-shirt along with its wearer belongs in a Biology classroom cupboard.


Source: Instagram
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