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Crazy Cool And Crafty Things To Make With Old Jeans

Old Jeans

We all have jeans in the wardrobe. They are great because we can wear jeans in every season no matter if it’s summer or winter. They are a comfy everyday outfit, but we can wear them in elegant combinations as well.

According to a poll by ShopSmart 25% of American women own 10 or more pairs of jeans. The results showed that an average American woman owns seven pairs of jeans. But the thing is that most women only wear four pairs out of their jeans collection. Therefore we are definitely not wrong if we say that most of us have a pair of old, unused jeans stored in our closets.


So what can we do with the other pairs of jeans that we don’t wear? There is no need to toss them. We can reuse them for something else. If you like to recycle then, you can try some of these ideas out. It’s amazing what you can make out of a pair of old jeans.

1. Jean Journal

If you always have a notebook in your bag or you keep a diary then cut your old jeans. You can make a cute journal cover using the denim. The pockets are perfect storage for pens.


2. Bottle Holders

You can make these cute bottle holders or unique gift bags out of the pant legs of your old jeans.


3. Recycled Denim Basket

Although this might take a little more time, the result will be a cool and very useful. You make a fruit basket or store your makeup in it. You can see how you can do it here.


4. Cozy Denim Slippers

These cute denim slippers are an awesome gift for your loved ones.


5. Sturdy Pouf

It’s perfect for the kid’s bedroom or playroom. You can make combinations of different colors.


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