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20 Seemingly Crazy Ideas That Actually Took Off


Tons of people out there have an insane idea that can be from any area of life, that they also plan to make it big at some point in their life and make some cash out of it. In some unfortunate cases, the idea doesn’t take off and they realize that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, while others just happen to strike luck and turn their crazy idea into big business.

So with that in mind, here are 20 products that seemed like a crazy idea at first but actually turned out to work.

1. Power outlet extension cord combo

This saves a lot of space and is very practical.


Source: Reddit | asimaphore

2. City lights blackout curtains

So you can fall asleep while your windows still look great!


Source: Reddit | drumma516

3. Ikea shelter


Source: Dezeen | Ikea

4. The rolling bench

Have you ever been on your way home on a rainy day and you’ve wanted to sit down on a bench to have some rest, but can’t for obvious reasons? This bench is coming to the rescue!

Just spin the handle on the side to reveal the dry side of the bench and have a seat!


Source: Pinterest

5. A skygarden in South Korea

Originally an idea set up in New York City, it’s proving to work quite well abroad.


Source: Reddit | ManiaforBeatles

6. A coffee table with a built-in fridge

You gotta have somewhere to store the beverages when your friends come over, right?

Don’t take up space in the fridge, use this coffee table instead!


Source: Reddit | Panda_911

7. Heat up a section of the bathroom mirror to make sure it never fogs up again

You will be able to see your beautiful face the moment you step out of the shower.


Source: Reddit | mdengler10

8. A towable camper that can also be a boat

More importantly… it looks like this!


Source: Reddit | luthan

9. Smart Highway

This bike path set up in the cycling capital of the world, The Netherlands, is designed to glow in the dark and illuminate the way for cyclists on their way home at night.


Source: YouTube | Dezeen

10. Small, smartphone tethered telescope

For the uninitiated in telescopes, this could be a great place to get started.



11. This company sells avocados with a ripe label

The label shows avocado skin colors and with that how ripe it is. Great if you’re a healthy food nut.


Source: Reddit | ShirtShanks

12. This Uber has installed an original NES in the back of his vehicle

If you have a longer trip, this is a great way to kill some time.


Source: Reddit | okdiv

13. Road signs with extra, perhaps unnecessary info


Source: Reddit | google700

14. One Central Park in Australia

Vertically set up greenery as well as a collection of mirrors and other items that give them an optimal amount of sunlight.


Source: Wikipedia | bobarc

15. Origami canoe

Not a scale model, though. An actual full size canoe. It can float and everything!



16. Simulated night sky on airplane

Why haven’t all airlines done this before? This clever idea involves projecting a pleasing night sky onto the roof of an aircraft, transforming what is otherwise a boring, drab gray ceiling.


Source: Reddit | samii1010

17. Vertical hammocks

This is actually public seating, believe it or not.


Source: Trend Hunter

18. Balls designed to shade reservoir water



19. The Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin

Not only was it designed to look like a harp, one of the defining symbols of Ireland,


Source: Wikipedia | J.-H. Janßen 

20. This table’s chairs perfectly blend into it


Source: Reddit | santiboa

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