Crazy Similar Hollywood Actors And Actresses!

Crazy Similar Hollywood Actors And Actresses!


It’s crazy how similar two people can look like each other, even if there are not related at all.

Remember when you and bae were watching a movie and the actor reminded you of someone, but you just couldn’t come up with their name?
Is it possible that they reminded you of your uncle?
No, that can’t be it…
But who did they remind you of?

1. Eric Dane and Leonardo DiCaprio
It was probably Eric Dane reminding you of Leonardo DiCaprio! Their eyes, the forehead, the ears… same.



2. Kate Middleton and Lauren Conrad
I think it’s just that these two both have a regal like demeanor about themselves. I remember Lauren from The Hills and she was always like this princess kind of girl.


Source:Hindustan Times

3. Christian Bale and Peter Facinelli
I wonder if Mr. Facinelli can play a psycho just as well as Christian Bale.


Source:Lipstick Alley

4. Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley
These two are compared an awful lot. They have similar almond eyes, their facial expressions are really reserved and cultivated, they are both cast to portray similar types of girls…. Even though I must say, I am pleasantly surprised by Natalie’s versatility as an actress!


Source:Celeb Buzz

5. Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland
I wouldn’t normally see a similarity, but these two look like twins in this particular photo!

Source:Us Weekly

6. Adam Brody and Penn Badgley
They are both the surf-type-indie-bands-listening kind of guy. Most definitely.


Source:Globo | Revista Monet

7. Minka Kelly & Leighton Meester
Ok. These two are it! Not only do they look exactly the same, they both have this enchanted gaze in their eyes. Uncanny!



8.Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Remember when Javier Bardem died in Grey’s Anatomy? Yeah, me too….!


Source:Screen Crush

9. Nelly Furtado and Idina Menzel
I would say that Idina has a stronger jaw line than Nelly.


10. Jordin Sparks and America Ferrera
The spark in their eyes, the brow bone, the smile…. the teeth! It’s all there!

Source:Pop Crush

11. Isla Fisher and Amy Adams
Just last night I saw Nocturnal Animals and got obsessed with it! Both of these ladies are playing in the movie. And they were cast because of the very reason that they look similar. The movie is fantastic! You have to see it!

Source:International Business Times

12. Will Ferrell and Chad Smith
If I remember correctly, Will Ferrell was once called up on stage to perform with the Red Hot Chili Peppers just as a skit!


13. Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry
These two can go a long way together. A sitcom? A duet? Have their own brand of candies?


Source:E! Online

14. Vanessa Hudgens and Kylie Jenner
I just think that they both share similar aesthetics.


Source:Daily Mail

15. Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard
These two beautiful redheads take the prize for most similar look-a-likes on the list!


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