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How To Create The Coolest DIY Vase Decor

How To Create The Coolest DIY Vase Decor

Let’s make a vase today!

What’s the point of having a beautiful flower if you don’t have a beautiful vase to put them in? But not just any vase, a DIY self-made one which will serve as a bit of room decor too.

Troom Troom is one of the best channels on YouTube for DIY projects. They have tutorials for stuff you probably never thought you could do. Today it’s time to learn something really cool in the form of this beautiful pink vase.

For the vase you will need

DIY Vase Decor

• Old newspapers
• Knitting needle, size 4
• Bottle
• Gouache of red, blue and white colors
• White water-based paint
• Thick cotton thread
• White glue
• Big and small wooden beads of different colors
• Decorative white thread butterfly
• Craft knife
• Hot glue gun

How to do it

DIY Vase Decor 1

You start by cutting the newspaper into eight parts and gluing the edges. Roll the newspaper around the needle starting with a corner. Make a couple of dozens of the same tubes.

Take some of the tubes and weave them to form a half inch side square in the center. You will have to continue twisting the tubes around each other and make sure you make them extra long.

By now you should have covered the base of the bottle. Continue bending the frame tube until all of them stand upright.

Once your base is created, you will need more tubes to weave up the sides of the bottle. Once you get the hang of it, it will start moving more quickly. We recommend you to watch the video as its easier to see the process than explain it

The finished results can match your home decor or serve as a beautiful hand-made gift.

DIY Vase Decor 2

You can see how beautiful this looks in the end. Very creative and stylish.

For a better explanation of the whole process, press the play button below. Happy crafting! Now you’ll need a flower to put in your vase.

Source:Troom Troom

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