Creative And Contemporary Tiling Worth Every Penny!

Creative And Contemporary Tiling Worth Every Penny!


Reinventing and re-imagining the old in a new, more exciting and ten times more creative way is always worth your time. That is the circle of art as much as it is the circle of life. And art imitates life.

When I saw this penny floor, I knew I had to tell you about it! I just couldn’t keep it to myself!

This project was done by a dad and his daughter. They bought 20,000 pennies from the bank and started gluing it on the floor, in a previously established pattern.

The art of it is in the act itself. It is coded in the floor.

The floor is made of pennies, which are actually money, and maybe the exact amount of money it would take to actually make a normal old tile floor. Which is boring.

And this is a rebel yell against boring and convention. This is exactly why this project is so worth it!


Each row is worth about 100 pennies.


They used the shiniest and newest pennies to make the border of the frame that would decorate the center.


The daughter had a big role along with her mom and dad. To be included in this project at such young age speaks volumes about her parents! Much respect!


Pennies were glued to the floor with a construction adhesive.


The bank wouldn’t give all of their pennies at once, so the couple went there every week for two more boxes.


The floor is a piece of art in itself! I cannot find the words to express how progressive and contemporary this idea is! All the best to this family!

The finished product! Stunning!


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