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Creative DIY Galaxy Shoes By Monica Church

Galaxy toms

People are very creative and the internet and other social networks are very helpful when you want to share your talent with the world. By sharing, you are also helping a lot of people to try your ideas and have fun with them.

DIY projects are also very fun to do and in the end that feeling of satisfaction is so damn …mmm…for want of a better word, satisfying… It’s like: “Did I really do that?”

Yes, everyone can do it with a good tutorial, anyone can unlock those creative juices and get their DIY on!

Monica Church has a channel on YouTube called hairodynamic and she posts tutorials about outfit ideas, makeup and DIY projects.

Today we are learning how to make Galaxy shoes. All you need is a pair of old shoes and some cacrylic paint in: Dark Blue, Black, Light Blue, Purple, and White! Lastly, you need a paint brush, sparkles are optional, but highly recommended!


download (1)


download (2)

Watch the video below for this creative DIY.


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