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Creative Halloween Hairstyles That Will Shock Everyone Around You


If you are tired of wearing an ordinary Halloween costume, but still want to catch the mood of Halloween, you can always inspire yourself with some hairstyles. Jackie Perdue offers not only a great variety of beauty, fashion, and healthy living videos on her channel, but will also help you make a creative Halloween hairstyle in no time. Her motto is – “Making the world a happier place one video at a time”. Here are some of her Halloween hairstyles.

1. Spiderweb crown braid

creative 1

You will need a spiderweb, which you can make out of pipe cleaners, and a spooky spider. Also, you can use some hot glue for the finish. Just do a Dutch braid all around your hair and secure it with a bobby pin. Now comes the fun part! Attach the spiderweb and your giant spider and you are all done.

2. Duble Dutch corset braid

creative 2

Using a black ribbon and your skills of braiding a Dutch braid, create this spooky-looking double braid in no time! It works best if you have light roots so that everyone can see your masterpiece. Weave the ribbon carefully through your braids or have someone do it for you. Jackie had a little help from her mom in the video, because she couldn’t actually see what she was doing. This was an easy concept, but the procedure is not so simple. The end result? Wonderful!

3. Spiders n’ skulls rope braid

creative 4

Rope braids are the easiest to make, according to many hairstylists. Once you finish the braid, you can easily add whatever spooky thing you have in hand. Spiders, skulls in all colors.

4. Spider bun

creative 3

This one is my personal favorite! Guess why? Because it’s the easiest one on the list. You will need a black pom-pom with googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. It looks so creative and does not require a lot of effort.

Watch the whole video below and get started on your Halloween hairstyle.

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Source: JaaackJack

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