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24 Brilliantly Creative And Hilarious Halloween Costumes


Halloween is now over, but beyond doubt, the best thing about it are undoubtedly the costumes. You can be anything you want, as long as your creativity allows it. And what better place to draw inspiration for costume ideas than the Internet? Everyone seems to be sharing their costumes with the world. Some of them truly are brilliant, works of art even! And now, post-Halloween, or should that be, post-mortem, it’s time to celebrate these people who went above and beyond to create perfect costumes. Their amazing ideas are sure to inspire your choice for next year’s outfit. And even if you don’t care for such ‘nonsense’ as disguising yourself for the sake of entertainment, you might as well check this list out: it will either change your mind, or just simply amuse you.

And also, you can go here if you feel like taking a look at what the celebs are getting up to for Halloween.

1. Ratatouille

Perfect for fans of Disney’s Ratatouille, this costume is simple, but to the point. You think he knows there’s a mouse in his hat, though?


Source: Imgur @patchsonic

2. Getting deported by Trump

Make people laugh with your costume! Although, I’m not quite sure if it’s funny, or just a bit sad?

Anyway, this is a clear example of thinking outside the box. Even if you are in a box…


Source: Reddit @I-redd-it

3. Vincent van Gogh

It must’ve taken him hours to apply that makeup, but this man is an amazing artist. I mean, the way he recreated two of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings in one go… Stunning.


Source: Imgur

4. Anglerfish

Remember those fish that scared the daylight out of Marlin and Dory in Finding Nemo? Well, you can do that to other people! And laugh in their face when they scream! Seriously, though, these costumes are pretty creative, but also pretty terrifying.


Source: Imgur @bittertea23

5. Spirited Away

If you want to know whether your costume is scary enough or not there is one question you can ask yourself: did it make anyone cry? If the answer is yes, then yes, it works. Take for example. this little girl dressed like a character from Spirited Away. Her classmates may not have appreciated the genius behind it, but adults and older kids sure will.


Source: Imgur @jeffbdjgt

6. Fire

What a brilliant idea to dress up as fire! Of course, you will be expected to sit in the fireplace all night, you know, to stay in character. It might get a tad uncomfortable, but hey, it’s only for one night!


Source: Imgur @4bongin

7. Princess Leia

This grandpa truly is an inspiration. I wish I have the same sense of humour when I’m his age. Using the vacuum cleaner as R2-D2 is simply a stroke of genius! It’s all about the props, people!


Source: Reddit @moonicourt

8. Your pet

Express your love for your pet by wearing a costume that resembles them. Just don’t be surprised when you scare them half to death. Look at that cat’s face! It’s terrified!


Source: Redditmeman

9. You and your date

If you have no partner for Halloween, don’t worry! You can go both as yourself and your date with this brilliant costume!


Source: Imgur @tictactowie

10. Face Off

This is what Nicolas Cage probably looked like at some point in the movie Face Off. You know, that bit when he swapped faces with John Travolta. Look at the face in the lap: it looks just like Nic. You don’t say!


Source: Imgur @captainmumble

11. Taco Belle

If you can’t decide between your love for Disney princesses and your love for tacos, and you also enjoy a good word play, this is the perfect choice for you. What a delicious twist!


Source: Instagram @avantgeek

12. Grandma

Dressing up as famous characters is overrated anyway. Instead choose someone close to you. Your grandma for example. Dressing up your toddler like an old lady is a brilliant and hilarious idea!


Source: Reddit @faildabortedfetus

13. Khaleesi

Well, this is obviously a win-win costume. You stop your toddlers from wandering off, and you get them to be the dragons to your Khaleesi! Pretty cute!


Source: Imgur @dmmaknae

14. HIM (Powerpuff Girls)

Be careful with this one. The mere mention of his name will strike fear into everyone’s hearts. But otherwise, it’s refreshingly evil. Oh, and cool boots, bro.


Source: Imgur @jesuschristsuperstar

15. The Incredibles

A great idea for the whole family! Just adorable!


Source: Loveliqueend

16. Steve Jobs

It’s a very simple costume, but that may be why it works so well. And it doesn’t hurt that this guy actually kinda looks like Steve Jobs.


Source: Imgur @seany_b

17. The Grady Twins

If you want a matching costume with your better half, but are a bit tired of all the basic, and maybe even slightly overused ideas, here is a new one for you. Not many things are creepier than the twins from The Shining, which makes them the perfect choice for a Halloween costume.


Source: Imgur @lucius_annaeus_senec

18. A Stock Photo

He might have gone for a scarier photo and perhaps some gore, but kudos for originality.


Source: afterthesunsets

19. Pokemon Go

Remember that month when everyone was obsessed with Pokemon Go? Yeah, well, apparently it still holds a special place in some people’s hearts. This costume is one of the coolest out there, and it will keep everyone entertained. Just don’t get annoyed when everyone wants to play.


Source: Instagram @mattcyborge

20. Green Army Men

When your group consists of many members, it’s tough to find the perfect matching costumes. But it can be done. The huge amount of time and work, not to mention talent, required to make these costumes is definitely worth it when you see the final result.


Source: Reddit @_kingpuck_

21. X-Ray

You can’t possibly dress as an X-ray, right? Wrong. Just look at that detailed makeup! Looks amazing, and a bit spooky too. A wonderful combination.


Source: Instagram @amazing_jiro

22. Domino’s Pizza

When your boss says to dress as dominoes for the office Halloween party, but you’re not sure if he means the game of the pizza place…


Source: agirlnamedalia

23. The Sun

Sometimes you just love messing with a green screen. This weatherman dressed up as the sun. Yeah, he looks pretty lame in his green leotard. Until the magic happens. Hilarious.


Source: noturmodeltype

24. Harry Potter

This dad won this Halloween with his Harry Potter themed costumes. He nailed his Hagrid, and the little ones are adorable as Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


Source: costume-works
From: providr

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