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Creative Mom Transforms Old Clothes Into Fashionable Outfits


Let’s just start with the agreement that all of us have more than a few clothes just hanging there in the closet, all huge, all unwearable, all what was I thinking, okay?


And if you’re a practical unicorn, with closet space planning and buying only what you need, then we salute you, you’re a Dalai Lama fashion equivalent and we are not worthy.

This story is interesting nevertheless. Sarah Tyau is a DIY enthusiast, a mom, a wife and a genius. She has a blog called Our Life Is Beautiful and says that sewing made her life a lot more positive and less chaotic. Kudos, Sarah! Because she has three children, and those of you with more than zero children certainly know that it can get effin’ busy in there! And Sarah, (we told you she was a genius), transforms old clothes into fashion miracles. Lucky for the world, she shares all her tips on her blog, which include beauty and decor and shares everyday stories too.


So here’s how it goes. She picks up something old from her closet, and lets her Youtube audience choose what she’ll refashion.


Source: Instagram | @sarahtyau

Then, she does it. Like this. Can you believe it’s the same dress?


Source: Instagram | @sarahtyau Life is Beautiful

Some of the clothes she refashions don’t require a lot of work. For instance, this dress was a cute color, but it needed something else. Otherwise, it looked boring. Sarah simply added some lace to make it chic!


Source: Instagram | @sarahtyau

We can’t stop staring at this next one. LOOK AT IT. How can it be?!


Source:Life is Beautiful

And, of course she makes amazing stuff for her children too.


Source:Life is Beautiful

Sarah fell in love with the cute sailboat pattern on this men’s shirt, so she turned it into a dress. It turned out so cute!


Source:Life is Beautiful

Sometimes, even the slightest changes in clothes can make a huge difference!

Sarah transformed this sailor dress only by shortening the sleeves and skirt, adjusting the neckline, and replacing the buttons.


Source:Life is Beautiful

Okay, this is serious. That hot pink looks like it’s straight out of a store on Champs-Élysées.


Source:Life is Beautiful

Next, look at this cute jumpsuit made from an XXL denim dress!


Source:Life is Beautiful

The next transformation is this old grandma dress. Can you believe it only took her two hours and a $9 budget to recreate it?


Source:Life is Beautiful

Here’s another cute outfit made from a big men’s shirt. Her daughter looks so adorable!


Source:Life is Beautiful

Sarah is also very open about the struggles and mistakes during work. The difficulty of reaching a blush pink color, the errors in sewing… Just proving she’s also human, even though she’s capable of magic.

Such as this:


Source:Life is Beautiful
h/t Life is Beautiful

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