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Creepiest Halloween Candies Countdown


Halloween is already behind us, as we are well into Thanksgiving season. But it never stops being fun to discuss, doesn’t it? It’s a pity that we only get one day of the year with all of that.

If you’re a Halloween junkie though, you’ll probably enjoy this video. How many of these have you tasted? Because that Box of Boogers does sound tasty. No, it doesn’t sound tasty, but when you think they’re actually gummies…

And how about the Gummy Body Parts? Do you already miss Halloween with all this tasty candy displayed here? And for the record, that Chocolate Anus is not limited to Halloween only.

Well, now you have time on your hands to make your list for next year, and choose which ones of these in the video you would use. Boogers for trick-or-treaters, Flesh Fries for your party guests and Bloody Mouth Candy for everyone!

Source:Wacky Wednesday

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