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A Creepy Glamorous Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Halloween is now just less than a month away and as always, the plethora of options to choose this year’s mask from is probably driving you crazier as All Saints’ Day draws closer. Our suggestion: why not be a clown? And not just any clown, but a creepy yet glamorous one at that.

With the horror It making a killing in cinemas all around the world, becoming one of the genre’s highest-grossing movies of all time, it is a good as time as ever to transform in your own version of the creepy yet fixating Pennywise. The film is based on Stephen King’s 1986 eponymous novel has so far earned more than $558 million, so why not use a clown makeup to make your own dent on the evening of the 31st October.

clown 1

If the idea sounds like something that might rock your boat, Haley Wight also known as Cosmobyhaley has just the tutorial you need! Her clown is not only creepy, but seriously sexy and glamorous as well. This way, you will not only scare everyone brainless for Halloween but be scarily attractive as well.

clown 2

The 21-year-old’s tutorial includes an incredibly realistic Chelsea grin, beautifully painted eyes and a lot of glitter. Haley promised that she will do more Halloween makeup video leading up to the holiday, so make sure to subscribe to the Oregonian’s channel which is especially renowned for a series of excellent Get Ready With Me videos.

Source: Cosmobyhaley

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