Crocheted Cat Cocoons To Welcome Your Newborn Baby In

Crocheted Cat Cocoons To Welcome Your Newborn Baby In


I don’t know if it’s because I have cats or because I will one day have kids too, but these crocheted cat cocoons are giving me major feels right now!

My best friend is soon to be a mom, she just entered her ninth month, and I am thinking maybe we should get one of these as a ‘welcome’ gift?

They are perfect to snuggle your newborn in; to simultaneously keep him warm and make him look heart meltingly beautiful in it!

The garment consists of a main part, to cover the body up, a hat with kitty ears and a detachable little kitty feet. Oh, and there is a tail sticking out from the back!

So freaking cute!


A newborn sleeping tight in this onesie might just break your heart. I also love how the inside of the ears are pink! That’s a truthful representation of how a cat’s little ears look….Well, my cat has ears as big as donkey, to tell you the truth, but you get the idea!

These two are best friends from day one!


Since there are a lot of colors and shades in the cat kingdom, you can also choose your own cocoon!

Make sure to pick out a color that matches your cat, since you want to include it in your new family as well! The cat, I mean!


Now, I would imagine this little person turn into a Garfield-like person when it grows up. Just being an all-around boss, sleeping to no avail, dreaming of hanging out with its buddies, drinking chocolate milk, watching cartoons…..



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