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How To Achieve Curly, Beachy Hair


If you are a straight-haired girl you will always envy the girls with curly hair, and that always happens the other way around, too. Thanks to straighteners and curling irons, we can easily achieve both looks so nothing to worry about!

When it comes to curling, sometimes it is hard to achieve the look you want. The curls might come out too strong, or too loose and there is never a balance between these two. However, curly beachy hair is always the most requested look out there. It looks casual and effortless but for this, there is a process you need to go through.

YouTuber Jessica Clements is sharing a video tutorial where she tells us step by step how she achieves the look. It is very easy to do and it should actually take you only 15 minutes. It does depend on the volume of your hair. Let’s get started.

So you first start by moisturizing your hair and then blow drying it.

curly 1

After you do that, you brush your hair and will be ready to move on to the process.

curly 2

With a curling iron, you start curling your hair, taking small sections. What’s really important is to keep your hair straight after you finish curling the piece.

curly 3

After you are fully done, hairspray your hair to last longer.

curly 4

If you want to see more, click down below and enjoy!

Source:Jessica Clements

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