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YouTuber “What’s Inside?” Tears A Pair of Yeezys In Half: These Are The Results

Adidas Yeezy
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You’ve probably heard of “Yeezy”, the Adidas sneaker line endorsed by Kanye West. There are lots of different types of Yeezys, but the downside is that they are almost impossible to get. While they are available on the Adidas website, they are almost always sold out.

If you dig through the online classifieds, you might come across a pair of these sacred things, but be prepared to splash some cash because these sneakers are anything but cheap. I’ve seen a pair for as much as $700, which really, for a pair of sneakers, is a bit much.

Now, if you actually do spend this much money on a pair of sneakers, there’s no way in heck the first thing you would do to them is intentionally rip them in half to check what’s inside. However, this guy here did exactly that.


In the video below, Dan picks up a pair of Yeezys, specifically, the Boost Turtle Dove 350s in white. The only reason he bought them was to cut them open.

Before he does, however, he and his friend Shaun go for a little trip to see what life’s like when wearing a pair of Yeezys.

They show up at a Diplo concert, X Games Texas and the Governors Ball festival. After this trip, our friend Dan heads home and cuts open this pair of Yeezys. They might be ruined now, but at least they lived a good life before they met their destiny.


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