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Keep reading after the jump for instructions on how to cut long hair, short hair and even how to cut your bangs.

1. You will need a sharp pair of hair cutting scissors and a fine-toothed comb.
Using dull scissors is a bad idea as you will find it harder to cut your hair and may end up giving yourself split ends – which defeats the purpose of giving yourself a haircut in the first place![1]



2.Wash your hair, but don’t dry it.
Fully comb out your hair once you get out of the shower – your hair needs be as sleek and tangle free as possible.Use a leave-in conditioner if your hair tends to be frizzy or fly-away.
If your hair is quite long or thick, there’s a good chance that sections of your hair might start to dry before you get around to cutting them. To tackle this, fill a spray bottle with water and a little conditioner. Then you can dampen your hair whenever you need to!



3.Clip up the top portions of your hair. Depending on how thick your hair is, expect to work in several sections as you cut, starting with the bottom-most layer and working up.
Use elastic hair ties or crocodile clips to divide hair into sections.
Once you’ve finished with the bottom layer of hair, you can start releasing the other sections as you go.



4.Find split ends.
Take a look at the ends of your hair. If they seem scraggly or unruly, or you can see the split hairs, they’re probably damaged and need to be cut.
Expect to trim about 0.25 inch (6 mm) above where the damage stops. This will keep your hair in good condition.



5. Drag your fingers down your hair, until you reach a point slightly above where you want to cut your hair. Make sure the hair isn’t knotted or twisted between your fingers – it must lie perfectly flat.
Your hair will look shorter when it’s dry, so be conservative when you’re measuring how much to cut. This is particularly important for people with curly hair.



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