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How To Do Quick And Cute Hairstyles


When you are running late for class or work it is pretty hard to find time to fix your hair too. For these cases, all you need is to watch a good tutorial where you’ll learn the easiest hairstyles and still manage to look cute.

YouTuber Essence Nicole posts new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On her channel, you are going to find not only hacks and tricks about beauty but a lot of info about her everyday life, pranks and boyfriend. She is very down to earth, and today Essence is going to share with us some really cute and fun hairstyles to do. Let’s see.

1. The first one is so easy that you could do it in the blink of your eye. If your hair is not parted well in the middle, just flip it to the other side.

cute 1

2. You can also part your hair on two sides, and tie them on top of your hair in a pony tail. So easy.

cute 2

3. To look the cutest that you can, you can tie your hair in a middle pony tail in the back and in the front take some pieces of your hair.

cute 3

4. If you’re not a morning person, just put a cap on. If you want to add something more, create a messy bun in the back.

cute 4

These hairstyles will take you max 3 minutes to finish. If you want to see the whole thing, press the play button right down below.

Source:Essence Nicole

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