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Cute Lipstick Makeup Tutorial


You don’t have to go to beauty school to learn how to apply lip liner and lipstick, but there are definitely a few tricks you should learn for a deeper, longer lasting color. These simple little steps will help you get a full color on your lips that enhances the natural shape and beauty of your pout.

Illustrations and steps below…

Cute Lipstick (2)


  1. Make a cross at the middle of the upper lip with lip liner.
  2. Make an arc on the lower lip just almost center of it.
  3. Place adjacent dots on both the lips, beside the cross and arc on the upper and lower lip.
  4. Join the cross and arc so that now you have a fine boundary across your lips.
  5.  Now entirely fill in the upper lip using  lipstick.
  6. Do the same for the lower lip.

And there you have, two perfectly colored lips…mwah x


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