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How To Make A Sweet Pleasure – Cute Cookie Cat Cakes

cookie cat cakes

If you ever run out of ideas on how to satisfy your sugar cravings, then welcome. We all have cravings for something sweet, and it is totally fine to have them as long as we don’t go too far. For the lovers of small cakes, you will find this video more than inspiring next time you have a sweet tooth.

Gris is a lady whose cakes are miracles. You can find all kinds of crafty cake ideas that just look so adorable. One of the reasons is that they are cakes, but at the same time mini-cakes and pieces of art. Her channel has over 30,000 subscribers, which is understandable. Although she mostly makes her videos in Spanish, she also has a lot with English content, so don’t worry. Gris says that her goal is to make your life sweeter and special.


1 stick of unsalted butter

1 cup of powder sugar

2 cups of wheat flour

1 egg

4 tablespoons of cocoa or cocoa powder

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

a pinch of salt

Other ingredients to make cakes into a cookie cat

Strawberry ice cream

Vanilla ice cream

A hello kitty cutter or a circle cutter

You are going to need the ice creams so that you get a nice mixture.

ingredients for cookie cat cakes 1

Another important thing is to mix both flavors in the cookie cutter.

proces od making cookie cat cakes

After you make the ice cream, refrigerate it and start making the cookies. You will be left with a brownish dough if you follow the video carefully.

proces od making cookie cat cakes 2

You also need to refrigerate the dough. The next step is making art, using ice cream and dough.

What you will end up with is delicious and cute-looking cat cakes that your family and friends will adore.

Here you can watch the video:

Source:My Little Cakes

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