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Cute Or Creepy These Avatar Babies Are Breaking The Internet


These little blue Avatar babies are taking the internet by storm. But the thing is nobody can really decide whether they are cute or creepy. What do you think about them? Probably a bit of both? We all loved the blockbuster Avatar, and these silicon blue striped babies are the most adorable things ever.

Recently a video of these little bundles of joy appeared on the Instagram page called Artshub. Since then in just some days the video has over 2.4 million views. No wonder why. These silicone Avatar dolls are made by Babylon, a Spanish company specialized in creating super-realistic babies. The good news for all Avatar fans is that they are available to buy if you want to get your hands on one.

But don’t get excited too early, there is bad news as well. And the bad news is that they cost about £1,601.15 which is $1983. Yikes! Well, probably you really have to fall in love with these babies to buy one.


This makes me melt inside.


You can’t beat a good set of chubby cheeks.



Expensive or not, at least you can see them in the video!

Source: auntyacidArts Hub

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