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Cutepolish Is Here To Make Sure You Don’t Mess Up When Using Nail Decals


Not all of us are skilled with the nail polish, and therefore, not all of us can make an amazing design. That’s why there’s an amazing invention known as nail decals. These are pre-made templates in various different patterns that you stick on your nails and you then paint over them. Think of it as masking off the windows and lights when a car is being painted.

If you haven’t used nail vinyls before, chances are you might mess up on your first attempt, but here’s a video from cutepolish featuring some tips on how to use them, making sure that they’ll look gorgeous the first time, as demonstrated by two of the hosts, Sandie and Miri.

Start off with the base coat

This is for protecting your natural nails before applying anything else, from staining and it will also prolong the life of the manicure.

decals 1

Next, choose a base coat

They chose white for this example.

decals 2

A quick dry top coat follows

decals 3

And finally, the decals are applied

decals 4

On top of which they apply blue and green polish, and when the decals are removed, you get a cool and easy to achieve pattern!

Check out the video for a more detailed look on how to work with nail decals effectively:

Source: cutepolish
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