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These Are The Cutest 5 Hairstyles Made With A Single Ponytail


Although Dorontha Diana is a new YouTube star, she creates wonderful videos about hairstyles that we can all have a go at. Also, she likes to share personal stories about her private life, including love, relationships, and school. In this video, Dorontha makes what seems to be very ordinary – different styles out of the same ponytail. All of them look entirely different and can spice up your ideas about how to wear your hair. We invite you to take a look at new ways to tame that ponytail that you’ve been hairstyling for years.

For these hairstyles you’ll need:

  • comb
  • brush
  • gel (optional)
  • hair pins
  • elastics
  • hair straightener (optional)

Having hair like hers requires a bit straightening in the beginning, but you don’t have to do it if your hair is straight or wavy. She uses an Outre Timeless Tess Ponytail for the purpose of the hairstyling.

1. The simplest hairstyle

ponytail 1

2. Spice it up with some elastics. So simple!

ponytail 2

3. Turn your ponytail into a huge bun, and it turns out so much fun!

ponytail 3

4. Add some side bangs to have an unusual bun ponytail.

ponytail 4

5. Definitely the cutest hairstyle so far! You are ready for Disney World with these cute upper buns!

ponytail 5

You can watch the whole video here:

Source:Dorantha Diana

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