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Creative Dad Dresses Up With His Baby Girl In Funny Costumes And Creates Adorable Pictures


Dads are great parents. Well, at least some of them. They take parenting to another crazy but fun level. Sholom Ber Solomon, 36, is living proof that being a dad can be both hilarious and fun. This Californian dad made unforgettable moments with his 9-month-old daughter, Zoe, dressing up and taking pictures of them together. And what can be more fun than transforming into ballerinas, fried chickens, or safari travellers with your soon-to-be-a-year baby? He got them matching outfits and created the pictures, which are now going viral. His imagination is seemingly limitless.

The vintage shop owner had a previous reputation for posing in silly outfits, but his act has now been dialed up to a 10 with the addition of the incredibly adorable Zoe. “I plan to take photos with her as long as she will let me,” he told the Daily Mail. He claims that each photo is taken by his wife Carli, 32, and takes around 20 minutes to capture.

He told the DailyMail about Zoe’s contribution to the pictures: ‘She definitely makes all the pictures a lot cuter as without her I’m just a fat chubby guy who likes to take silly pictures. The ideas for what me and Zoe will do next is endless.’

He has almost 3 thousand likes on Facebook and this story is quickly spreading across all media. Don’t you wish you had a dad who was this creative?

1. It looks like Zoe is about to get her first speeding ticket


2. Oops! Zoe has jut spotted a lion!


3. Although the beard was very ‘itchy’, Zoe looks adorable as a garden gnome


4. Zoe the flower


5. Rocking the hula skirt


6. Just been caught red-handed!


7. Zoe looks adorable in a KFC costume


8. Ballerinas go wild


9. He’s learned his lesson. Newspaper and a gas mask are a must when changing a diaper!


10. This is a VERY soapy bathtime


11. Surprise!


12. Zoe’s got a Cookie Monster father


Source:Sholom Ber Solomon

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