Dad-To-Be Loses It At His upcoming Baby's Gender Reveal Party

Dad-To-Be Loses It At His Upcoming Baby’s Gender Reveal Party


This young dad-to-be really lost it during this gender reveal party which took place in Brazil.

We see an opening shot of two young parents standing in front of a table upon which there is a cake. One part of it is pink, the other one is blue. Little cupcakes are surrounding the cake. There are pink and blue balloons everywhere around the room.

I know you’re thinking: “Well how are they supposed to know the baby’s gender?” Hold your horses for a minute! I am not there yet.

We see the expectant mother go in to the cake with a knife.

party 1

All the while, the guests are fidgeting impatiently behind the camera. You can actually imagine them standing there, nervously tip-toeing around as they wait for the gender to be revealed.

One boy even starts to sing. I don’t understand Portuguese, but from some of the words that I am able to grasp, the little buy sings some sort of a lullaby. The words ‘baby’ and ‘mom’ are being mentioned.

We see the knife plunging deep into the cake. The mother takes a piece out of the whole, to see the walls of that piece. This is where the catch lies! The insides of the cake are filled with colored icing. Pink icing if it’s a girl, blue icing if it’s a boy!

party 2

As we see the mom trying to take the piece out of the cake, the father goes on and manifests everyone’s nervousness as he grabs the piece with his hand and turns it around only to find blue icing in it!

This is where he goes into a full on explosion of joy!

party 3

He smashes that piece back into the cake and starts pounding on the cake, as he utterly destroys it in front of the eyes of the standing crowd. They start shouting as well!

At this point, everyone except for the mother is going berserk, yelling “It’s a boy! It’s a boy!” along with the father!
Wowza! This dad is surely ecstatic to be able to play football with his son at the golden sands somewhere on a near beach!


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