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Dad Finds Letter In Daughter’s Birthday Present Car And He Couldn’t Help Shed A Tear Or Two


It’s always an interesting experience when you buy your first car after getting your license. Most 16-year-olds inherit their parents’ older cars, but if they’re lucky, they might get a small surprise for their birthday in the form of an actual car.

However, when the teen daughter of this man received her first car as a birthday present, it was pretty clear that it was a special vehicle

Kevin Duke bought a second-hand car for his daughter’s 16th birthday, weeks before it happened. Just as he was checking to see if everything was ready for the big reveal, he finds a note in a compartment that he has already checked…

He wrote on Facebook: “Well, yesterday I’m in it tinkering around and I open this storage compartment on top of the dash (which I’ve opened a half dozen times already). This time I notice a rubber mat in the bottom of it and for whatever reason, I pull it out.”

He did not regret reading the letter at all, and it was so special, that he just had to share it with the world.

Birthday Present Car Special Note Letter

This is the envelope that he pulled out of that compartment

He inspected it and turned it inside out to make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

The letter speaks to the next owner of the car, and in a nutshell, the person who wrote the letter really wants you to know that this is indeed a special vehicle.


The letter explains how the person’s mother, daughter and aunt died, all while this car was owned by his mother. Such a tragic story…


In the letter, she begs the new owner to take care of the car, as he or she would be “riding with angels.” She also explains that she would buy the car back herself, but doesn’t have the money because she had to pay for three funerals.


I don’t know about you, but if I bought a perfectly normal looking used Ford Fusion, I would certainly not expect something like this in the storage compartment.

I say the letter is definitely worth a read, but you might want to have a box of tissues next to you while you’re doing it.

We sincerely hope that this girl, or whoever the owner of the car is now, has kept it clean and tidy.

Source:Kevin Duke

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