Dad Photoshops Daughter In Deadly Scenarios, All Hell Breaks Loose


Graphic designer Stephen Crowley opened the gates of Internet hell as he shared a couple of dangerous candids he took with his daughter, Hannah.
That is, that he photoshopped himself.
The photos that I am talking about are photos of his daughter in a lot of dangerous situations. They are highly controversial and were met with a lot of contention on the Internet.

Making a break for the exit ☺️

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He told indy100 the reason why he thought it would be fun to make these photos.
“She had a very rare immune disorder called HLH and spent 6 months of her first year in hospital, receiving chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, which is the only possible cure,” he said.

Autumn walks

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HLH is a life-threatening condition. It is often caused by an inherited problem of the immune system, which is called “primary” HLH or “familial” HLH.

I think the new stair gates may be faulty.

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“Because we missed out on so much normal stuff of the first year, we take tons of photos now that we’re able to do normal things out of isolation,” Stephen added.
“I work as a designer, so thought it would be fun to worry family by putting someone delicate in precarious situations,” explained Mr. Crowley.
“Most of the reactions have been positive, with the odd person not getting the joke and commenting I ‘should be shot’.”
Instagram user ovojavid commented on one of the photos: “When you don’t want your kid.”

I wonder how cold that water is

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However, after the news of the photoshopped images broke and the general public found out about the prank, they took a lighter approach to things.
Many of them even made sure to let Stephen know that they loved his sense of humor and congratulated the family for their resilience and light-hearted nature.

Instagram user samanthacarneyphotos responded: “Your daughter is gorgeous and clearly she has some brilliantly funny parents. “

Someone is a little unhappy about the Christmas decorations going away.

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How do you feel about this? Is this something that you find entertaining?


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