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Dad Recreates Daughter’s ‘Sexy Selfies’ And Gets Twice As Many Followers As Her


This father literally stormed the internet. To make a point he recreated his daughter’s more ‘inappropriate’ selfies but he became an internet sensation instead.


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“So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better. #dadbod #dadselfie”

Now the world recognizes the 48-year-old Chris Martin from Washington by his Instagram name Therealburrmartin. And he has almost 90,000 followers which is almost double that of  his 20-year-old daughter Cassie who has 40,000.

In an interview for the Express he said:

“Cassie reminds me of it every chance she gets. I guess people prefer funny over pretty!”

When asked how his daughter responded to the initial post, Martin told indy100: “I assume, with an eyeroll.”

“She wasn’t living with us at the time, but she did tell me later she couldn’t believe I did it, then immediately thought, ‘Yeah, I can see you doing that’.”


While he’s clearly nailing the comedy aspect, Martin is also trying to teach his daughter and her followers an important lesson.

“I wanted to bring attention to her that they may be a little racy and I wanted to let some of the people in her comment section know her dad was watching because some of the comments, especially from boys were pretty vulgar.”

“She’s over 18 so she could do what she wanted to a point but also, fighting with some of the commentors over the Internet would have been a crazy thing to do.”

A while ago some of you saw i was copying the photos my daughter would post on her Facebook, mainly because i told her to tone it down. She did a little but i still kept it up because sometimes I'm just bored. So heres the latest. #nailedit #baddad

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As it seems Cassie learned the lesson:

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