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Dad Responds To Daughter’s Boy Drama In A Legendary Way


Everyone who has a daughter or a sisters knows that boy drama is the worst. A lot of sad days, sad music and a lot of crying is part of the process. But as a parent, they have to be the shoulder to cry on.

Well, this wasn’t the case for Daleynee’s dad. He definitely doesn’t have time for the tribulations of high school romances. One day Daleynee was talking with a friend about the Mr Right with Adele playing in the background, her dad knowing his daughter’s dilemma, made his feelings known towards the fella in question.


“My dad is so mean lmao

– Daleynee (@_Daleynee) November 7, 2016″

Her dad seems like a sound guy. He rocketed to Internet fame as his daughter shared the image on Twitter and it quickly racked up 20,000 likes and 10,000 retweets. He clearly rocked the dad job, so here’s a few more.

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