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This Dad Transforms His Daughters’ Bedroom And It’s Amazing

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Of course you’ve imagined living in a tree house, like an elf, or a fairy. But you’ve probably spent your childhood in a regular room, with regular toys and a regular bed. Two lucky girls however, have Adam Hadlock for a dad, and this Adam Hadlock decided to do something amazing for them. He made their room into an indoor treehouse. How’s that for an elven life?

The results are in-cre-di-ble. Little Things shares the video from Adam’s YouTube account, GNDxero.

From the outside, this child’s bed looks like a tree house, with a green canopy (resembling an actual canopy!) strung up between a frame cut and painted to look like a large tree. Underneath the faux branches is a comfortable looking bed, with bright internal lighting for bedtime stories.

From the lower bed, you can climb through openings to a top level. A fun rope canopy in the middle, a reading nook full of stuffed animals and books, and a little passageway beneath the bed FOR HIDING. How lucky are these girls?

How did he do it? He said it was easy, so let’s see:

Step 1: Clean the room

To get the new bed in, he had to remove all the clutter first. He cleared both beds and swept under them too.

Step 2: Make the frame

Measuring the space and creating the wooden frame. He drills the planks  into the bedroom wall for security. Also built into the frame is a full bureau, which acts as a support and some creative storage, too.

Plywood top is drilled into the platform and lights are installed, one on each side of the future tree house.

Step 3: Pre-Stain the Plywood

The plywood is supposed to become the tree house, so it’s stained dark brown. He adds a poly acrylic to the existing frame in the bedroom.

Step 4: Cut the Plywood Trees

Things are starting to look like something from here. He cuts tree shapes with a hand saw.

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